National Poetry Writing Month 2020, Day 30

I went with an alternate prompt for Day 30: ‘Make a found poem from some of the lines you wrote in your NaPoWriMo poems. Use at least 8 different poems and write a poem at least 10 lines long.’ Each line of this poem comes from earlier poems.

That’s an old song now
lines not as straight as they used to be

I can’t see them, but I still hear them
until everything’s off-keel
and the same is true for every one of those people—
but no Alice this time around

I am without rest
stretched tight to near-bursting

I want to reach out
I want to feel like I’m not alone
but you knew that

You may very well have been that moment

I need a little temporary amnesia
and the light of a new day
perfect for kicking down the road

(29 April 2020—posted April 30)

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