National Poetry Writing Month 2020, Day 24

Today I went with Chris Jarmick’s prompt for Day 24: ‘create a poem primarily made up of just words taken from the book titles you are planning to read.’ Fortunately, I have a lot of books I have yet to read, so this poem is made up of the titles of 22 books. Only my sign-off and the interjection before ‘hope never dies’ are not book titles.

Dear Abigail,

Time is tight—
two years,
eight months,
and twenty-eight minutes.

Horror stories—
bad behavior,
the funeral makers,
the memory police.

The testaments.

What is all this?

Past tense.
None of my business.

A decent life?
The magical language of others.

This must be the place—
the road to Mars,
hard-boiled wonderland at the end of the world.

Late stories float,
the deeper the water the uglier the fish.

Death by water.
Adjustment Day.

Well, hope never dies.


(23 April 2020—posted April 24)

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