National Poetry Writing Month 2020, Day 13

The prompt for day 13 is to ‘write a non-apology for the things you’ve stolen.’ I approached this from a slightly different angle; I can’t say there was theft involved, but I was definitely on the receiving end of more generosity than was perhaps warranted. So it’s more an accounting than an apology, non- or otherwise.

People were surprised
you’d left nothing behind

‘But he was a lawyer!’ they’d say

I’d shrug my shoulders and explain
you were never the kind
to set something aside
for the rainy day

The trade-off is that everyone remembers you
for your generosity—
that, supplements, and loose-leaf books
you had far too much of

But you knew that

I certainly received my share over the years
that’s why I can’t complain

I figure we’re even

(12 April 2020—posted April 13)



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