National Poetry Writing Month 2020, Day 9

I don’t like concrete poems, so the prompt for day 9 was out of the question. Instead, I went with the day 9 prompt from Chris Jarmick: make a list of five to ten things with spots, and write a poem that answers a question about each of them. I’m not sure mine quite works that way, but my list consisted of (in order of appearance in the poem): a graph, an old person’s hands, a leopard, teenagers, eyes, some households with dogs, a stained t-shirt, the saying ‘X marks the spot’, the Great Red Spot (of Jupiter), and (some of) Kusama Yayoi(’s art).

They form curves
when plotted the right way

They mark the hands
of someone who died today

They tell us
which cats can’t change

and which children
have reached a certain age

I see too many
after looking at certain lights

A house that has one
will be cosy at night

A shirt that has one
needs to be tossed

X marks a treasure
that is no longer lost

A great red one
identifies Jupiter

A room filled with them
can belong only to her

(8 April 2020—posted April 9)



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