National Poetry Writing Month 2020, Day 7

The prompt for day 7 is to write a poem based on a news article. Since 90% of the news these days is about the same thing, I chose to approach it from a different angle.

No news
is not good news now

It is the horror of anticipation
when you don’t want to know

It is the absence of certainty
when you’re certain it will be bad

It is the swollen silence
stretched tight to near-bursting

It is the taut wire
sharp, without give

Nope—not good at all…

No news
is the best news of all

It is the interval
when all things are possible

It is the blessed escape
from the torrent of apocalypse

It is the lazy afternoon
a good book, and a three-hour nap

It is the time
when the world still makes sense
and love is all you need

Yep—no news is the best…

(6 April 2020—posted April 7)



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