National Poetry Writing Month 2020, Day 4

Having used my Day 3 poem as an opportunity to vent, I can get back to my normal angsty poems. The prompt for day 4 is to write a poem based on an image from a dream. Woof. (Note: I don’t know who did the painting in the featured image above, but it’s hanging on the wall of the bedroom in my mother’s house.)

If a dream were a piece of cherry pie
I’d send it back

I’d much rather have pumpkin or apple

(I don’t really need ice cream
unless maybe it’s on the side)

Then my appetite would be satisfied for a change
instead of having to hide as I flee from the unseen dogs
chasing me through empty downtown streets
to the junkyard on the outskirts of town

I can’t see them, but I still hear them

Little do they know
the cat will always wake me up
before they get close enough to bite

(3 April 2020—posted April 4)



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