Quarantanamo (a poem)

I promised myself I wasn’t going to write a coronavirus poem. So much for promises…

Some of us may never fall ill
but we have been infected nonetheless

The so-called ‘invisible enemy’
has infiltrated every waking moment
of our now-restricted lives

To get away is to hunker down
respect the confines of our domestic prisons
embrace the barriers we once pushed against

‘No touching—can’t get mad!’
no longer a taunt, but a declaration of love
from both sides of the window pane

The grocery store or the post office
is an adventure ventured
a battle against uncertain odds
where masked marauders
are now the good guys

The old doc works for the greedy baron
too busy counting losses and settling scores—
you’re either with ’im or agin’ ’im

This really is the Wild West—
and we’re on our own
better off with the snakes this time

(28 March 2020)



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