Coffee ice cream and Scottish ale (a poem)

Too much CNN lately.

The undisputed king of realising
too many things too late
looks up from his computer
to see the face of Dr Leana Wen
on the screen of his TV

She projects a calm, a serenity
that has him contemplating
the meaninglessness of time
and the sudden end of unfinished sentences
while 75 million Americans are ordered to stay at home

As a practicing introvert
the undisputed king of spending hours alone
has unknowingly been training
for this very situation—
he still feels unprepared

Though he’d much rather stay home
all he wants now is to leave the house
before he goes stir-crazy—
it’s not as much fun
when you’re required to do it

So the undisputed king of embracing uncertainty
can’t help but think his arms aren’t that long
which means that one particular itch
is never going to be scratched
using conventional weapons

He notes that the chyron says
she’s an emergency room physician
and wonders how she has the time
because the undisputed king of overthinking every little thing
is thinking he doesn’t want to be alone

(20 March 2020)



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