Phonanigans (a poem)

This is why I prefer email.

I dialled my mother’s phone number last Friday
I forget who I was calling
but the area code was the same
so my fingers did the walking

I stopped myself
before I hit the green button

I heard my father’s ringtone yesterday:
‘Hello, Dad? I’m in jail!’

I forgot that I’d assigned it
to his best friend
so that I’d know who it was

So I didn’t answer

He left a message
but I haven’t called him back yet
I was tired last night
and had too much to do today

The guy who’s installing my door
called this morning
and asked for Stephanie

This wasn’t the first time
he’d called the wrong number by mistake—
last time it was David

This time I told him it was me
and asked if we were still on for tomorrow

(9 March 2020)



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