This is how it all starts, innit? (a poem)


Every day now
is the downfall of the republic
collapsed in a heap of fear and venom

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen
but you haven’t seen me here

Every moment now
I’m lost in my screen
looking for that Amazulu song
the one I heard one time on MTV
and forgot about years ago

(It’s not the one they did on The Young Ones
I think I saw the video once—
either that, or I’m mixing it up
with ‘Sign of the Times’ by The Belle Stars
which, sadly, hasn’t held up for me)

Every thought now
is co-opted by this search for distraction
from the relentless components
comprising the fall of the empire
collapsed in a heap of fear and venom

Eleven down, 329 million to go
according to the word on the street

The word on the news is 433 down, 1558 to go
and nobody else can win (though they may get close)

And is that enough
to defeat the now-discredited verb
gone so thick on the bronzer
that to use it is a proposition
of messy proportions?

(In the distance, I hear the echo: ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’—
but I still can’t see it from my house)

Every talking head now
has the same thing to say—
or ‘There’s no need to panic, for now…’

So all I can do is obsess and ramble
(Neil dropped the lentil casserole again—
what do you suppose that means?)

Everybody knows
the trouble I’ve seen
because it’s on 24 hours a day

(4 March 2020)



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