It’s not exactly writer’s block, but… (a poem)


…I don’t know what to talk about

No, I do know what to talk about
but I’m not sure if it will translate to the page

Tara Hardy says that much of what we write
is trying to communicate to others
how it feels to exist
in these things called bodies

Lately I haven’t been so sure
how it feels to exist in this body

I notice the itching, the headaches, the drowsiness
the early morning stretches
and the vagaries of digestion

But these are distractions

The business of losing
the reality of grieving
and the questions about who I am
and what I want
and how I will live now
have become my existence (for now)

There are these things
and there is my body

I feel the distance

The distance is what I feel

(11 February 2020)



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