Forgotten musicals appreciate when they fall apart (a poem)

From a day partly spent reading about Gaby Agis, Pet Shop Boys, and Bill Nelson. (And the actor whose name I couldn’t remember is Stephen Elliott, who played the police chief in Beverly Hills Cop).

When the dancer stripped off her mask
I lost sight of the shape
in the blur of movement
and the failure of my imagination
to keep up

When the ageing pop star mugged for the camera
I thought he reminded me of an actor
whose name slips my mind
but I’m pretty sure
he played one of the bad guys

When the muse from the first play
met the muse from the second play
they left the theatre to play together—
the soundtrack album consisted
of 61 minutes of silence and echo

When the missing preposition
was added back to the title
the original edition lost half its value
before tripling in price
several years on

(24 January 2020)



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