Xmas 2019 (a poem)

(See poem for description.)

It’s been cold today
so I’ve kept the heat on

I could have crawled under the blankets
but I was going back and forth
looking through old pictures

And then I had to find an open grocery store
because I forgot to buy green beans

When I got back
I settled in to watch movies
each a tradition for this day of the year

The one in which life isn’t so wonderful
The one in which Ralphie almost shoots his eye out
The one in which every sperm is sacred
The one in which he’s not the Messiah
The one in which David Johansen is the Ghost of Xmas Past
The one in which Xmas dinner goes awry
The one in which Hans Gruber crashes the party and takes over
The one in which Lorelei Gilmore has a thing for Santa

I made dinner in the crock pot
so I’ll have leftovers for the rest of the week

Now there’s Jell-O in the fridge
for my late-night snack before bed

The cat is watching me
from the top of the piano
the rest of the day she’s kept to herself

I’ve been listening to Xmas tunes
for the last two or three weeks
so I skipped all that today

Not much else is going on

I’ve got the four walls and a roof
she left me with
I’m going to have to be okay with that

(25 December 2019)



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