My world is a very different place now (a poem)

I hate thinking when I have a cold…

I open the blinds in the morning
and turn up the heat

I have breakfast

I shower and go about my day
the grocery store
the post office
sometimes the bank
maybe stop somewhere for lunch

I listen to Willie Nelson in the car
and marvel how good he sounds these days
unlike so many other musicians
who’ve become stale
or difficult

I drive to Goodwill
to look through the LPs
for art to put on my walls

I put art on my walls now

I think about what I want for dinner
go back to the store
to pick up what I forgot before

I get home
the cat’s at the door
to make sure I take care of her first
then I can put my own mask on

I remember they’re gone
left without saying goodbye
and they’re not coming back

Now to turn down the heat
and fall asleep on the sofa
to a movie in German
I haven’t yet seen all the way through

(6 December 2019)



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