Reverse magnification (a poem)

When everything changes…

I’m confused about what to do
when things suddenly look like they belong
at the other end of the telescope

Life looked normal
up until this moment

Then it turned into a place
I never expected to be
without blindfolds or vertigo

I always did like the view
from the airplane window
all farmland quilts and cloud wisps

I’m not seeing that now
just lines I can’t read
no matter how many times I blink

The low D may not be enough
to bring me back to earth
where I can see you face to face

It’s going to take some slow, meandering lines
and a few harmonic missteps
to find the cluster of notes
that brings me to the truth
and says how I feel

Then maybe the wrong end of the telescope
won’t mean so much confusion

It’ll be just another language
I’ll learn to speak
when love gives me a reason

(11 October 2019)



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