Having shingles and watching House (a poem)

They told me there would be lots of hurry up and wait…

I brake for the burn and turn
this break in the action is brought to you
by an organism lying dormant for 50 years

biding its time          waiting for the moment to strike

Stop. Hold the moment.
The choice to preserve or erase
will still be there when you wake up.
You’re not going to sleep well anyway,
so enjoy the curtains of drowsiness
that bring your lids down through the day.

It’s not forever, you know.

I miss little moments here and there
episodes bleed into news and dreams
following the clock as it jumps around

unable to pay          attention to the hour

You need to rest.
What was undone in a matter of weeks
was years in the making.
You’re never going to undo
what’s been done, so don’t even try.

You’ve got a lot of work ahead.

The colour of silence blends in
with its surroundings
until I mistake one for the other

and resolve          to get rid of that trailing thought

(19 September 2019)



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One thought on “Having shingles and watching House (a poem)

  1. Thirty years ago, I had a friend who experienced it (painfully) in his late thirties. It even affected his eyes. I made sure to get my shots when they were available last year.

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