After erasing the evidence so witnesses will not be quite sure what it was they actually saw (a poem)

Some will go out and cause mayhem. Some will hurt themselves. On the rare occasion I drink more than a beer or two, I drunk post to social media, delete the posts shortly afterwards, and then write a poem about it, tossing in a gratuitous Pet Shop Boys reference in the process…

No words of wisdom
from the night before
just a lot of agonising and crying
to go with the miserablism

No other way to clear the air
without doing some kind of damage—
you can’t peel the orange without breaking the skin

No stories to salve the soul
while I drift into sleep

No, this isn’t the end of it

(3 August 2019)

P.S.: In case anyone is wondering, my choice of image is not at all political. Here is what I started with:

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