The skip-rope jump dance of my runaway imagination (a poem)

The first line (minus the comma) comes from a line of WordPress spam…

Sword lily, I detected this—
not that I saw it coming, mind you
but there was something about the day

I’ve felt this before
but not quite the same way

I have to temper my anticipation
before my imagination runs away with me

It hasn’t realised there’s no escape

I don’t know the temperature
at which bronze melts

Something tells me I should

They had that coconut curry soup
at the Thriftway again today

I’m waiting for the rice to finish cooking
and trying not to think about
what I want to be thinking about

My imagination wants to play
but I’m afraid of where it’s going to take me

I’ve felt this before
but not quite the same way

and I can’t think of another non-sequitur
to distract me from whatever that is

Oh, and here comes my imagination again…

(24 July 2019)

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