Looking up people I haven’t seen for a long time late at night when I can’t get to sleep just because (a poem)

Forgot to edit the intro again—this has nothing to do with a workshop, and everything to do with insomnia and nostalgia…

The undisputed king of wondering where are they now
actually found someone this time
but wonders if it’s the right time

We’re in the middle of a long hot summer
and the memory is more of a wintertime thing

The undisputed king of never being completely sure
of his own feelings
says it was the best moment of his life
says he felt safe
says he felt able to breathe
in that moment, as if suspended in time

The undisputed king of never being satisfied with a perfect moment
thinks back, and allows himself to remember

He remembers, but can’t let himself be happy
He wants more

Because when Hope holds you
on a cold December morning
a moment suspended in time
is never enough

(22 July 2019)

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