The corpus and I haven’t always been on speaking terms (a poem)

Another poem from Poets in the Park, written during a workshop led by Tara Hardy…

You and I have had a hard run, haven’t we?
I don’t blame you for any of it—
I’m not exactly guilt-free

Early on, I couldn’t find anyone else to blame
so I took it out on you—
not in such dramatic fashion
but in ways that made me think I was feeling better
while teaching you lessons you didn’t need to learn

When you finally took to screaming
I was so insulated as to understand nothing
but the sheer terror

Sure, I managed to regain some composure—
but all the king’s horses
and all the king’s men…

Years and years went by—
confusion, stupor, torpor
and running in search of an exit

Then, one day, I began to listen

(20 July 2019—posted July 21st)

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