Happy Birthday, America! (a poem)


Imagine—243 years old today!
Where have the years gone…

And you’ve gotten so big!

Look… your mother and I think
it’s about time we had a talk

We’ve been worried about you lately—
hanging around with bad influences
acting out, making others uncomfortable

And the language!

We didn’t raise you to act like this—
it certainly wouldn’t have been tolerated
when we were your age

Our parents would have sent us
to the back yard to cut our own switch…

You’ve been given every advantage
you’ve never wanted for anything—
a good home, good food, clean clothes, the best schools

You have no reason to be mean
or selfish
or cruel

You’ve had it good

So what’s going on?
Why are you doing these things?

Why are you being so mean to the others?
What did they ever do to you?

You can’t just do whatever you want, you know—
actions have consequences

Is it something we did?

Granted, we’ve made mistakes
but you didn’t learn any of that stuff from us

We love you—
but you’re going to have to shape up
act right
treat others with respect
make good decisions

We’re counting on you

(4 July 2019)

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