Bookstore Poem #314. I live in Seattle

Still trying to get just the right title, but what I have will do for now.

It was dark
when I woke up

It was raining
when I left the house

It took an hour and a half
to get downtown

I saw tents
scattered beneath the freeway

There’s a saying:

‘If you can’t see the mountain, it’s raining
If you can see the mountain, it’s about to rain’

The train stations
were built for buses

There is a different stadium
for each sport

The best sections of town
are the worst

They are also disappearing

All store names are possessive
no matter what’s on the sign

We used to hate Paul Allen
now we hate Jeff Bezos

Everybody hates Amazon
but we still shop there

Everybody hates Comcast
but we have no other choice

There’s another saying
which we use to remember
the order of streets downtown:

‘Jesus Christ made Seattle under protest’

The only people who use umbrellas
are the ones who didn’t grow up here

We say ‘thank you’ to the driver
when exiting the bus

Nobody at a four-way stop
knows who is supposed to go first

Only in Seattle
would football fans give themselves a nickname
that would result in a penalty
if it were interpreted literally

It’s cheaper to live in Oregon
and commute

It was dark
when I got home

(9 July 2018)