Actualization (a poem)

Today it’s season two of Fargo… 

Try simply being

I want explanations

It’s easy to give advice
while ignoring the realities of the world

We can buy anything
if we have enough money

except what we really need

Don’t think about what the person you want to be is like
just be that person

How did I get this scratch on my arm?

The blood has already clotted and dried
I didn’t feel a thing

Don’t insist on meaning

When I was a kid
we had a lot of junk in the basement

When I was married
it was all in the garage
along with the car that nobody ever drove

We paid fifty bucks
to have it hauled away

Be the kind of person God wants you to be

I patiently live with impatience
insisting it’ll be all right
if I just give it time

but not really believing it

I need to come back
to who I am

Try simply being…

(17 February 2018)