In the quiet of the vestibule at St Andrews

Written yesterday evening in the annex of St Andrews Bar & Grill. (‘Sylvian’s Wood’ is a piece of music recorded by Christopher DeLaurenti in 1996.)  

Though I’ve moved far on
from Sylvian’s Wood
I can still see
its brilliant trees
towering over sleeping steeples

The holy blood of saints and sheep
has been left in the care
of the women at the well
guardians of answered prayers
protectors of secrets

A new beginning is in the offing
filled with summers and saffron
a big, bright, colorful world
where the railroad
meets seas that stretch on forever

The days are cold
under a bright blue, cloudless sky
perfect for snuggling under quilts
and dreaming of angels
as silence approaches

The shining of things seen and unseen
lends a warm blush
to the songs wafting in from the tree tops
In the awakening
what the heart knows will be revealed

(13 February 2018)