Cover letter (a poem)

Online job applications this afternoon…

To Whom it May Concern:

I’m tired of making up new ways
to say what I want
without actually saying it

I know I’m supposed to say things
that make me look indispensable—
the perfect fit for the cutters
that make the cookies
the proper peg for the proper hole—
while cleverly summarizing
the summary you’ve already got
in an attempt to convince you
to let me do things for you
for money
until you change your mind
for some reason that can be anything
and that you don’t have to tell me
putting me right back
in the situation
I’m in now

Then I’m supposed to
thank you
and wait for you
to contact me—
which you may
or may not do—
repeating the process
with anyone else I can find

This space is going to stay blank

(9 February 2018)