This poem (a poem)

I have spent a good chunk of the day looking for places to submit poems to; this poem came out of that…

This poem will not contain a New Yorker serious story
told in somber tones with thick, chewy words
like ‘lugubrious’ or the names of parts of speech
for the purpose of creating artificial gravity
to keep the words from flying off the page
and disintegrating in the upper reaches of the atmosphere

This poem will not be addressed to an unseen someone
so troubled that any description would quickly devolve
into a litany of complex medical terminology
or detailed depictions of contemporary urban squalor
meant to show that the someone is a Very Troubled Person
and that this is a Very Serious Piece of Literature

This poem aspires to none of that

This poem wants to give form to feelings
bubbling just under the surface
banging away in hopes that someone will hear
and feel them too

This poem knows that one person’s deep connection
is another’s intense revulsion
but wants to keep going anyway
because making that connection
is everything

This poem hears itself as it is being read
and cringes at every phrase
it wishes it had said differently
despite knowing that what was said
had to be said
the way it was said
if it had any real chance
to be understood in the moment

So this poem is going to drop the pretense
and ask to be loved
and taken care of
and remembered

(26 October 2017)