4,779 miles (a poem)

A few thoughts on a rainy night…

The last time I thought about you
was the moment before I wrote this line

Memory trumps distance

The last time things felt like this
it was almost your birthday, and I remembered

Memory is a funny thing

The last time we were together
it was a rainy afternoon, just like this one

Memory likes to point these things out

The last time I wondered what things would have been like
I didn’t remember much the next morning

Memory is a bully, relentless and cruel

The last time I tried to forget these things I remember
I felt like something was missing

Memory is full of regret—but life goes on…

(19 October 2017)



  1. You are really good at prose-poems. I liked the line “Memory trumps distance”. The end was moving.

    • I hate using that word anymore, but it was the one that best did the job.

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