My rituals (a poem)

On another day when I have not felt much like writing, I try to keep it simple…

Every morning
I wake myself
out of intermittent sleep
incoherent dreams
attend to an impatient cat
and drink coffee

Every morning
I get drowsy after coffee
I drift back to sleep
and dream incoherent stories
in which TV characters
have half the dialogue

Every afternoon
I sit with my sketchbook
or computer
compose the words from my thoughts
and hope they make sense

Every afternoon
I contemplate my situation
same as the day before
think about drastic change
and make small, quiet efforts
to convince myself of something

Every evening
I turn off the lights
and devour dramatizations
of other people’s lives
in search of life lessons
until I drift back to sleep

Every night
I awake to find the TV still on
and half my blankets on the floor
I pick them up
turn over
and drift back to sleep

(11 October 2017)