It’s not just Weinstein (a poem)

Bonus round—based on the continuing story about Harvey Weinstein, the Twitter thread posted by Terry Crews, and the news earlier this year about someone (who is in custody and pled guilty) who was in my circle of friends…

It’s not just Weinstein.
It’s also someone you already know,
even if you don’t know it yet
because you haven’t seen anything yourself
or nobody has told you about it.

It’s not just Weinstein.
It’s also the husband,
the brother,
the father,
the lover,
the friend or acquaintance,
the guy who’s with someone different every time you see him.

It’s not just Weinstein.
It’s also the guy you say hi to every day,
the guy who teaches your kids,
the guy who leads you in prayer,
the guy who checks your car,
the guy who fixes your plumbing,
the guy who collects your rent,
the guy who seems like any other ‘normal guy’.

It’s not just Weinstein.
It’s also the friend who does nice things for you
because he likes to support his friends in the things they do.

It’s not just Weinstein.
And it’s not just women,
or the weak,
or something that happens in secret
(they’ll trust you to handle that part)
or to keep you in line.

Sometimes they do it for fun.

They may have never done it to you—
but it’s not just Weinstein.

(10 October 2017)