The trouble with expectations (a poem)

Apparently, I have chosen to employ anaphora. Let’s see how long I can keep that going…

Expect everything
and you will always be disappointed

Expect nothing
and you will sometimes be surprised

Expect order
and you will watch it descend into chaos

Expect chaos
and you will find a sense of order

Expect the expected
and you will find the unexpected

Expect the unexpected
and you won’t be surprised by anything

Expect them to understand what you’re saying
and you will do a lot of explaining

Expect them to know nothing
and you will find they know more than you think

Expect reason
and you will find delusion

Expect delusion
and you will find sanity

Expect to wake up in the morning
and you will find it is likely to happen

until it doesn’t

(1 October 2017)


One thought on “The trouble with expectations (a poem)

  1. I did not know what to expect. And found this particularly enjoyable, and thought provoking, yet it seems *fun*.

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