Pretend (a poem)

I’m not sure about this one—but it’s as close to fantasy as I seem able to allow myself these days…


I flew into a dreamspace
uncluttered by nightmares
or any remnant of doubt

You were already there
keeping a space warm for me
in case I did not see you right away

The bliss on your face
outshone the rest of existence

There was nothing else
just you and me

The firmness of your body against mine
radiated warmth
love and happiness

The trite became profound
all doubts were erased
serenity assuming their place

We did not need words
or language
or sight or sound

Questions became unnecessary
everything we now were
would be everything we would need

There was no longer you
There was no longer me
We were bound together as one and free

Dream with me?

(29 July 2017)