I wish the rain would fall (a poem)

Bonus round…

pouring down like the clouds could hold no more
drowning us all

Underneath the water
the shell would form
weighing down the form
pressing against the other sheet
to fill the mould undefined until now

Without flame
without a place to go
the spaces between the trees
thirst for what they cannot know
and you and I cannot tell

Earth and swell
pitched above the laken still
covering punctures that comprise the sieve
can’t begin to repair damage left undone
beyond the first one

I want to float in perpetual flight
suspended here above the hunger of lonely nights
where I can transcend the here and now
and the gutter into which I cast myself down
to be splattered to the curb

I want blue to be blue to be blue
to bleed everything blue where the ground is bare
and barely with enough to get by
Explain where I am in six words or less
and cut all the rest

I wish the rain would fall
and pretend it wants to fulfill
every dream I deny myself still
because then I wouldn’t dwell so much upon drowning
and living thirteen feet below the lake’s surface

while the speedboats circle overhead

(29 July 2017)