Welcome to radio silence (a poem)

I missed yesterday, but managed to get this one out today (finished it a couple of minutes ago, in fact)…

Static flows freely for now
as far as the eye can see
until the bottle runs out
or the glass breaks
or I can’t keep my eyes open any longer
I realise the futility of actions that don’t fit
ignoring the parts I relive constantly
The receiver shorts out in one channel
leaving drums and bass                                                 but no vocals
I give up trying to read by the light of the screen
and pretend you can hear me                    on the other end of the line
I have two and a half hours until it no longer matters
There’s nothing else to be said for midnight
once time ticks into the future
Sleep and I have a troubled history
determined to repeat itself tonight
Where else is there to go?
It’s not 1978 anymore
we have nothing                                                          to talk about
as long as I can imagine you
Welcome to radio silence…

(12 May 2017)