Two untitled fragments (a poem)

Two untitled poems that do not quite mesh together, but cannot quite stand alone. For now, I accept the imperfection…

I’ve never had an objection
that wasn’t born out of inconvenience
the logic of lack of reason
disguised as personal quirk
with the wink of an inside straight

I go tumbling towards tomorrow
tangled in the lines
of the tower of doubt I drag behind me
only a dull edge available for cutting
and knots everywhere

We are born with the book’s pages blank
and left to fill them in as we go along
The story so far a holding pattern
in disguise as a cautionary tale

Crossed out paragraphs and pasted-over sections
mark the pages of my book
its wrinkles, tears, and stains
testament to my attempts
to make my story make sense

(8 January 2017)

One thought on “Two untitled fragments (a poem)

  1. I liked the graphicness of your metaphors. I can understand why the “fragments” can’t each stand alone even though they may not flow from one to the other. The jaggedness of putting the two pieces adjacent gave the sense of impressionist snapshots.

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