An unsettling feeling, in four parts (a poem)

Trying something slightly different. Inspired by a Swedish Cancer Center commercial and episodes of The Twilight Zone.

1. Who wouldn’t mind a head of grey, thinning hair?

The fictions of the commercial mind
stretch implausible notions to the limits of absurdity

On a beach somewhere
a vacationing pensioner turns the pages of her book

not imagining that her grey, thinning hair
was something she wanted to look forward to

2. Why doesn’t anybody remember Ed Harrington?

Disappearing from consciousness
is an everyday fact of life

We leave places after having spoken with people
we have never met before
and will never see again

Memory isn’t permanent
and some of those people are us

3. What you need you only need once.

Once is a chance.
Once is an answer.
Once is a regret.
Once is what we have.
Once is forever.

4. Only sad songs for piano or bourbon.

Let’s ditch this place together and head for the shore

There’s a chalet with our name on it
we could settle in for a long, long stay

away from the smoke and minor keys

For now, how about one for the road?

(22 October 2016)