Working on the new book, days 6 & 7

Wandering through iPhoto land now—approximately 12,000 images covering 2006 through 2010, with a few scans of photos from the 1970s and 1980s.

There was a slight hiccup to deal with first: i.e., accessing my old iPhoto libraries. The more photos you import into iPhoto, the more unwieldy it gets. So five years ago, I saved my photos through 2010 to another library, then started from scratch with 2011; I did the same thing this year with my 2011–2015 photos.

To start working with these photos, I had to copy them from the external drive I’ve been keeping them on to my laptop. At 128 GB—a little over a quarter of the capacity of my hard drive—that was going to take some time. Several hours, in fact. Accordingly, yesterday’s ‘progress’ was getting that done.

Today I got back to going through photos while looking at poems. Because of the sheer amount of photos involved, I’m not trying to go through extensive chunks of the photo library for each poem—just until I have added three or four photos to the list for each poem.

As with my Lightroom photo library, I am deleting a few photos along the way. But I’m more often encountering a problem that seems to be unique to iPhoto, in which older photos somehow get re-oriented/distorted when a new version of iPhoto gets hold of them, or the thumbnail that iPhoto displays does not correctly reflect the stored image (which you do see when you view it actual size).

I’ll use a self-portrait from 2006 (I miss that hat) as an example. First, the thumbnail that iPhoto shows me:

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.44.04 PM

When I click on it, I get:

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.44.17 PM

I am choosing not to look at this as a problem per se. For one thing, it’s simple enough to open them up in Photoshop and resize them back to more or less the correct proportions. For another, it has given me the idea of collecting these images—in all their distorted glory—in a photo book. (But that’s another project for another day.)

For now, I got through about a quarter of the Formalities section poems today. That feels slow, but I am still re-familiarizing myself with this particular library. On the bright side, it includes JPEGs of my 2009–2010 layout-a-day project, which I may raid parts of when I get to doing the layout for the new book.

(Side note: Coffee Stains should be available shortly through IngramSpark, which means that, because they’re part of book distributor Ingram, getting them into actual bookstores is now a possibility. So, if you prefer to get a copy from your local bookstores instead of going through Amazon, they should soon be able to order it for you.)

(12 April 2016)