Working on the new book, day 3

So, I just finished watching The Big Short. Holy crap. I mean, I worked in real estate escrow for nearly five years, so I knew that a lot of people were being suckered into dodgy loans—but the extent of the bullshit that went on around the whole mortgage business is astounding. (And those two mortgage broker guys who end up at the same job fair at the end? I encountered women who were like that as well.)

Anyway, I spent another three-and-a-half hours this afternoon on matching potential images to poems for the new book. I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped (though it seemed to be going well)—but I figured out a feature of Lightroom that I hadn’t noticed before: stacks. Select a bunch of photos, then Group into Stack via a bit of right-click action, and all those photos that took up rows and rows of real estate in your grid view now take up one. I saved myself a lot of space with that one, which will save me time as I scroll back and forth through my Lightroom library.

Since I’m still working my way through the Oddities section, I’m encountering more photos that will require less literal visual interpretation, plus a few that I don’t have matches for—and I have been trying to identify at least two possible images per poem. I suspect I will have to shoot a few new images down the line, or perhaps do some playing around with existing images in Photoshop, for those poems that I don’t have possible matches for after the initial pass. A lot will depend on how the design phase progresses, but I’m not there yet.

(4 April 2016)