NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 30: Who will I wake up to be? (reversed) (a poem)

The prompt for the last day of National Poetry Writing Month 2015 is to either write a poem in reverse, or take a previously written poem and reverse the order of the lines. I will want to come up with a better title for this one, but I worked with the weird dream poem I wrote a few days ago to create this one…

Am I dead?
I can’t help wondering—
all I see is the void
something few will ever see

I wait for what comes next
as all signs of detail fade
until all I can see is light
We begin to rise
then comes the beam

Four of us climb in
a cluster of small ships
of black and white

The exodus is under way…

Nowhere else to look
no clues, no explanations
only childhood treasures here—
I find a tangle of old gloves
some knit caps, and Little Big Books
in another drawer

Ready for the mission ahead
they pull out supplies
from the old wooden box
in this dusty old basement
among pillars of wood
with cement in between

Yet here we are…

(30 April 2015—updated later in the day, with a slight edit)