Being someone else to survive (a poem)

Inspired by a line from a story someone read at the open mic tonight. I wrote it during the two or three songs that followed the storyteller…

It’s never easy
being someone else to survive
At the end of the day
it’s hard to tell what’s what
the stories all blend together
keeping them straight takes forever
It’s never easy—not ever

What’s that they say?
“Such a tangled web we weave…”
Though it’s not about deception
or some other nefarious pursuit
but a simple case of self-defense
ways to communicate beyond the shell
while remaining safe from the truth

I’m self-contained
even when I can’t contain myself
That’s why I need the calm façade
to conceal the truth of flesh and blood
to keep myself intact
Being someone else to survive
is a necessary fact

(4 March 2015)