One more (a poem)

The results of yesterday’s writing were largely unsatisfying. I wrote five poems, each one shorter than the last, and wasn’t terribly sure about any of them. So, I let them sit overnight. Revisiting them this morning, I am still largely unsatisfied with the results. The one I am posting is at least the most honest of the bunch…

Give me one more
I’m not numb yet
I can still feel what’s not there

I won’t relax
until there’s no hurt
and I’m no longer scared

(29 January 2015—posted January 30)

5 thoughts on “One more (a poem)

  1. The preamble was not needed –
    Give us your words
    We will eat them
    All the more eagerly

  2. I liked the preamble. The more I can learn about an authors personal perspective, life, feelings etc the more I seem to appreciate it and am more eager for it.

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