#BlackFriday2014 (a poem)

As usual, news of Black Friday protests was hard to miss. It was also occasionally difficult to stomach.

They storm the entrance
to shop for bargains
They fight over TVs
and Barbies and clothes

The Walmart brawls
are met with bemusement
by cell phone cameras
and smirking news anchors

Because shopping is now
a contact sport
competition and catfights
are just part of the game

They storm the entrance
to raise their voices
The thin blue line meets them
with riot gear and pepper spray

The mayor tweets a message:
‘Violence against property
and police officers
will not be tolerated…’

Shoving, grabbing, punching, and spraying—
violence by police
against unarmed citizens
apparently will be tolerated

Sorry to spoil your shopping fun
but there are more important things going on
and you can’t be bothered
to show your faces
while those who speak out
will soon be set upon…

(28 November 2014)