National Poetry Writing Month: Day #21 (April 21, 2014)

For today’s entry, I went with one of the prompts from Kelli Russell Agodon‘s list:

Write a poem with the opposite hand that you write with, or, if you type your poems on the computer, use only one hand to type.

Then I applied one of the random prompts on Language is a Virus:

Systematically derange the language: Write a work consisting only of prepositional phrases, or add a gerund to every line of an already existing work.

I then chose the bits that worked from the two versions, and combined them into today’s poem.

Now the hard part is beginning
just when I thought it had passed
It’s not so easy to start over
when it means starting over again

The reminders are all in my head
well-trained ghosts hanging around
But there can be no breaking down
No breaking down

I feel like letting go
but they keep me hanging on
Dear life, she’s escaping me
I can’t be that strong

So I’m venturing forth, struggling through
making my way through the clatter and din
Time now to re-learn how to feel
as I start all over again

(21 April 2014)