The last piece of pi (a poem)

A new Pi-Archimedes poem. Not actually the last one for the month—and not actually Pi-Archimedes in form (it has an extra line)—but it’s better than the one I wrote this morning, and now I can read it tomorrow… ‘Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November.’ How the rest goes, I don’t remember— this is the last one [...]

H.R. 1628 (a poem)

A new Pi-Archimedes poem. I generally don’t like my poems to be topical, but I made the mistake of listening to one of the GOP blowhards speaking ahead of the scheduled vote on AHCA… The People’s House, rank with the arrogance of hypocrisy, steels itself for imminent failure. Sometimes people see through what you try to hide. (24 [...]