Dream journal, 4 & 5 October 2021

An unexpected dreaming phase happening lately…

4 October 2021

I am confronted by three alligators in a triangle formation, surrounding an American flag.  I try to run one of them off by snapping a bath towel. That doesn’t work, so I try throwing the towel instead, hoping that it will try to eat the towel instead of me.

5 October 2021

I park my car in the mostly empty parking lot above the playfield.

I’m talking about the cost of real estate, complaining that buying at these prices is possible, but would be ridiculous.

As I’m talking, I’m getting the feeling that some of my classmates are concluding that I have some money and are intending to take it from me.

As I head back to my car, I am followed by a couple of them. Before I can react, I am confronted by three pink, spiky orbs. I punch the one in front a couple of times; it blows apart like a water balloon.

I get in my car and drive off. A few blocks away, I pull over to the curb. Stephen Colbert walks by, doing a routine for his show. Two girls walking on the other side of the street pay no attention.

(written 4 and 5 October 2021—posted October 9th)

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