Bookstore Poem #654

Another one that started from a variation on a book title. So far, I think the proper ending is after ‘It rained all weekend long’—but it’s an early draft, so I’m including the additional bits for now.

I need to know some things
about the world

I don’t know exactly what they are
so it’s best if you start at the beginning

When we get to things I know
you can skip those bits

I probably wasn’t listening anyway

Is the weather supposed to be accompaniment
or equaliser?

My father died
on a sunny Friday morning

It rained all weekend long

Do we have emotions
to dissuade us from logic
or do we have logic
to distract us from emotion?

And why are they separate things?

The Wall came down
three years ago
and we celebrated

So why are we trying to put up new ones?

Why do I resist
the ones I fall in love with?

Do we lose points
if we get it wrong?

If past performance
is not an indication of future returns
what does that say about history?

Why do we want to go to Mars
when I can’t even get to New York?

What does it all mean?

(10 July 2019)

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