Playlist Poem (Side B)

Can’t have Side A without Side B:

State of Contraction – Barry Adamson
Speak Now (Or Forever Hold Your Peace) – Cheap Trick
Short of One Dimension – Exit North
It’s No Game (Part 1) – David Bowie
Korendor – 細野晴臣 (Haruomi Hosono)
Black Hearted Love – PJ Harvey & John Parish
Same As it Ever Was – Class A [except I slowed it down and chopped it up so it lasts longer]
Porno 3003 – Pizzicato Five

Shrink down low

before speaking now
or forever holding your peace

This dimension
the one we inhabit

with and without fear
holds surface, form, and line

When it fails
the revolution makes the papers

but is, as so often happens
mistaken for an average day

Outside, la voix du globe
enshrined in ether sound

a foreshadowing
of something nebulous, torn

from which desire, unleashed
will burst forth

the way it always does
mistaking this latest crush

for once in a lifetime

‘Breathe,’ says the voice
‘Close your eyes and breathe in

let the music carry you along
and exhale

Hold, and release’

(13  June 2019)

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