Playlist Poem (Side A)

Inspired by this playlist I just made. It’s Side A because I can only play cassettes in my car these days:

Do You Know Me Now? – David Sylvian
Invisible – Pet Shop Boys
Patience (pt. 1) – Areni Agbabian
Blue Period – Jon Hassell
What the Fuck Are We Saying? – Lenny Kravitz
The Pretender – Jackson Browne
To Live and Die in L.A. – Wang Chung
Out of My Mind – Vertigo Angels
Patience (pt. 2) – Areni Agbabian

Do you know me now?
It wasn’t exactly the storybook ending
but shouldn’t we have learned something?

Now I’m invisible
dependent on space-time fluctuations
to reveal my presence
my very existence

Patience is not a virtue I’ve had to learn
but a penalty I’ve had to earn
the waiting is still the hardest part

As the cortege rolls into the blue
of noon, and on into twilight
(or, if you’d rather, dusk)

I have to ask what we’re saying
when idle hands aspire to idols
and rules become lawless
when we have to pretend
to get through the day

There’s no living or dying in L.A.
when you’re out of your mind
on swirling guitars in maelstroms of echo

I’ve no patience for praying
I just want this out of my mind

(13  June 2019)

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