5 thoughts on “Dear Monday…

  1. The pic you created or are using for this Monday post is awesome. I really like it … a lot. mucho etc. Did you create it? I have a very good friend who does stuff like this and she is highly skilled at it? May I send it to her ? I could just ask her to follow you too. She’s a poet in SO CAL and does other arts as well. Gwyn Henry.

      1. It’s the one that’s very surreal, dark with what appears like a parking lot and bubbles and stuff.

        Hey did you get that job? BTW

      2. There are actually images of the pavement in parking lots. One has my feet in it, and one has “FIRE LANE” (upside down, because that’s the direction I was facing) in the middle (and it was raining). Then there’s one that is not related to a parking lot, but is actually of either a bottle of sparkling water or a wine glass and has lots of actual bubbles.

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