Bookstore Poem #369. 3–6–9

Although little has changed since yesterday, I am breathing a bit easier now that Mercury is direct again…

Faded chants
            swimming in the same ocean
            as other discarded memories
            also surface from time to time
            as reminders you came from somewhere

            Those places are never completely abandoned

Your resemblance
            to someone I used to know is an accident
            but I feel the lurch in my gut all the same
            I don’t think the universe is trying to tell me anything

            but I got the message

My outlook
            is a bit scattered right now
            the knotted threads impossible to disentangle
            if I find scissors for cutting
            I could sever the knot

            but that would do nothing about the tangles

In seventy-three
I learned to love Top 40
and fires in the fireplace on winter mornings

In eighty-six
I discovered existentialism
and renewed my relationship
with autumn melancholy
because I couldn’t see
a better way out

In eighty-nine
I went from peak to trough
in the space of six months
unable to hold my breath for long
or brace myself for the fall
I fell
and no one could stop me
not even the ground
from falling

Infinity is impossible to see
especially when you’re near-sighted

(19 August 2018)



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