Bookstore Poem #272. Some people have fantasies when their mind wanders; this is what happens when my mind wanders

I wrote this during a poetry reading at the Ballard Library…

A distant beeping tracks the seconds
without pause or apology

Direct sun reveals the different strata
that make up the lenses of my glasses
coloring the reflection of my temple in the corner

A dollar doesn’t buy much anymore:
a can of green beans (store brand)
a box of saltines (off-brand)
a single bite of chocolate from the display next to the checkout
two cans of cat food that the cat will stare at, blankly, and refuse to eat

This may be why my CV
is full of gaps
and incomplete gestures

Obscurity enables me
to observe little things that mean nothing
and fixate on particular themes
that soon bore me
but which are not easily banished
from my thoughts

This is how I can watch the same movie
for weeks at a time
without boredom or frustration:

The story becomes familiar
then a meditation
then a sleep aid
until one day I watch something else
and start the cycle again
once I find that element of resonance
worth attaching my soul to—
food for the themes
over which I will obsess
for the next several weeks
through the scratchings of pen on paper
the light clacking of computer keyboards
and the sharp clapping of typewriter keys

I’m just now noticing
the silence descended upon the room
having chased away the backdrop of noise
and that once-insistent beeping
that so defiantly kept time

(10 May 2018)